Tá fáilte romhat...

Hello you beautiful person. Yes, YOU!

My name is Micheál Rowsome. I am from Ireland. I was born in 1983 under the full moon of an Autumn equinox. I am a multidisciplinary artist who loves painting, colours, textures, photography, print making, performance, dance, storytelling, fooling, gardening etc.

I graduated with a degree in Multimedia from Cork Institute of Technology in 2005.

Since then I took part in several solo and group painting exhibitions in Ireland. I have undertaking different art projects within the community. I

I went on to study organic horticulture and sustainable living skills in An tIonad Glas (The Organic College). Recently I had the good fortune to take part in SMASH Berlin and spend time in Ponderosa Dance.

I self published a photo book as of the 21st September 2018 with the help of many people. Click here for more details.

And now I am part of the Nomadic Academy for Fools (NOA) where I am learning to be a FOOL. Wooohooo!