A painting I created last year to remind myself of the beauty of allowing mistakes to happen by taking a chance.
A painting I created last year to remind myself of the beauty of allowing mistakes to happen by taking a chance.

Ok, so here goes. My first blog post on this site. My eyes are blurry and I am tired but also alive and well.

I have been putting this post off for numerous reasons. Fear. and. Fear. yes. and. Fear. Yes, it’s clear.

But here I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Thanks Susan Jeffers.

And I have a real close relationship with fear and perfectionism and procrastination and closing off. All these elements have held me back in certain ways but also I have thankfully learned a lot from my experiences. Perfectionism has killed my soul on many occasions. But I must remember the saying

“Things may not be perfect, but they are good enough. You may not be perfect, but you are good enough, for now!”

I got this mantra from the Book. “The Life You Were Born To Live – A guide to finding your life purpose” by Dan Millman. A wonderful book that I refer to on many occasions to learn about my path in life and gain useful tools to find my way. When I finally allowed the mantra to sink in and truly feel in my bones, then it really changed my whole world from the inside out. I felt less pressure, I was more joyous and, in turn I could give more to the world. It is like magic.


An Easter Special


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 00.35.21
Victor Frankl… He seems to be a remarkable man with a remarkable story that we can all learn from. See below for more.


Happy Easter everyone.

I made a video to celebrate and mark and express and figure out a few things.


The song is by Backstreet Boys – “I want it that way”.

here are some notes to make sense of the video:

I wonder what my fire/love/passion is? What is yours? What brings your through the tough times? What causes you to rebel?

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts…I know it is for me. So I need to shift my focus and ask better questions like… what am I grateful for? what do I love?

I read a little of Victor Frankl’s work in this article… great stuff.
… a goal is important. Humour too.

many thanks for the backing track + lyrics …

Enjoy! (and sing and dance along)

A Valentines day special



Valentines day got me thinking about love and how I want to be “in love”.
Then I am like, Micheál, get your head out of your own arse!” coz The thing is, is that I have so much love for the world and life in general whether I have a girlfriend or not. And I need to share it or else I will get sick.

So I have to get over my ego on this one.
Here is an offering for you (and me)

It’s the song from the end of Scrooged – One of my favorite films.



Hold me now!



So here is a video from some time back. (Feb 27th)

I am still trying to get my singing back from the place it went hiding all those years ago.

Here is a wonderful song by the great Johnny Logan. “Hold me now”

I added the photo of the towel, well, because of it’s colours, and also because towels hold us in a special way, especially on a warm sunny beach or a cold winters day and you warm yourself by the fire.




Here is the text from the original Facebook post.

Singing is such a tonic, for me at least.
If I was too worried about what other people think of me (Which I have been for way too long), I wouldn’t dare sing and never mind share it.
BUT… I’d miss out on all the fun and sharing with others.
I saw a quote that was something like… If only the best bird was to sing, then we wouldn’t have the morning chorus. …you get the gist… We all don’t have to be be perfect or the best. It ain’t about that.

So, pardon my wobbly voice, enjoy my attempts to share and have a great weekend. Oh and do the things you love and bring you joy.

A total eclipse of the heart

Hello People,
It was a massively powerful new moon and SOLAR eclipse (I said Lunar eclipse in the video) this week… a time of healing old wounds and big change.
I was certainly feeling fairly shitty, wrecked, lonely and very sorry for myself despite me having great friends and so SOO SOOO much to be grateful for.
It’s a weird old internal thought pattern and energy that manifests in my system. Trying to see it more clearly – Exactly what this old healing is about.

See this website for great details about the new moon and solar eclipse.…/the-courage-to-heal-solar-eclip…/

Song: A total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler
Backing track is here:
T-shirt from:

In the middle section I talk about the need for us to be compassionate to ourselves and stuff like that and how I am trying to make meaning from the shit that happens. Nothing too major.
May you heal your old wounds.