I began my journey with photography on a school trip to France. Then in college, photography was one of the modules of my multimedia course. I found it was the one thing I would do no matter what. From then on, the camera has stayed with me.

Beautiful People, Beautiful Place // Daoine Álainn, Áit Aoibhinn (2012-ongoing)

Begun in 2012 this is a collection of photographs from around Newcastle West as part of a documentation of the town, a celebration of who we are and an investigation of beauty. A selection has been exhibited twice in Newcastle West and a book is coming out soon (Autumn 2015)

I returned to Newcastle West (my hometown) and I was low, very low. I had to look deep inside myself and ask certain questions. I wanted to use my talents, my desires, my inquisitive nature, and my passion to benefit my life and the lives of others. So this project came out of it.

 A Ponderosa summer (2014)

I had the joy and good fortune to spend a summer (and more) in Ponderosa – Stolzenhagen, Germany. About an hours train ride from Berlin, near to the Polish Border, magic happens in a tiny village. see . Here are some photos to document that place and time. A photo cook book is coming soon!

SMASH Berlin – #1, #3, #5

I took part in the 1st SMASH Berlin in 2013, a 3 month collaborative experimental physical performance intensive. It was a truly life changing experience sending me on a journey through performance and dance and voice and body. I continued to study dance and performance in SMASH Berlin 3 AND 5 in 2014. Here are some of the photos. see for more information about the intensive.