I began my journey with photography on a school trip to France. Then in college, photography was one of the modules of my multimedia course. I found it was the one thing I would do no matter what. From then on, the camera has stayed with me.

Beautiful People, Beautiful Place // Daoine Álainn, Áit Aoibhinn (2011-ongoing)

Begun in 2012 this is a collection of photographs from around Newcastle West as part of a documentation of the town, a celebration of who we are and an investigation of beauty. A selection has been exhibited twice in Newcastle West and a book is coming out soon (Autumn 2015)

I returned to Newcastle West (my hometown) and I was low, very low. I had to look deep inside myself and ask certain questions. I wanted to use my talents, my desires, my inquisitive nature, and my passion to benefit my life and the lives of others. So this project came out of it.

Here is a link to a page with more information about this project. Click here – Beautiful People, Beautiful Place.

 A Ponderosa summer (2014)

I had the joy and good fortune to spend a summer (and more) in Ponderosa – Stolzenhagen, Germany. About an hours train ride from Berlin, near to the Polish Border, magic happens in a tiny village. see . Here are some photos to document that place and time. A photo cook book is coming soon!

SMASH Berlin – #1, #3, #5

I took part in the 1st SMASH Berlin in 2013, a 3 month collaborative experimental physical performance intensive. It was a truly life changing experience sending me on a journey through performance and dance and voice and body. I continued to study dance and performance in SMASH Berlin 3 AND 5 in 2014. Here are some of the photos. see for more information about the intensive.