Dance was always a part of my life. I was always the “dancer” out of my friends. But it wasn’t up until a few years ago that I came to study dance and make movement more a part of my life.

SMASH Berlin 

I spent 3 wonderful months exploring movement, dance, the body, voice and, so much more in this experimental physical performance intensive. With various artists and performers from around the world, we were guided by talented dancers  and performers into various aspects of their practice. It was a truly life changing experience.

Photo of my HOME performance in module 1 (with Dani Brown) of Smash Berlin. photo credit: James Peachey.
Photo of my HOME performance in module 1 (with Dani Brown) of Smash Berlin.
photo credit: James Peachey.

A video trailer detailing some of what we got up too in the first SMASH Berlin…

Spoken Dance 

I have worked with Spoken Dance on several projects in 2014. Spoken Dance was set up as Limerick’s first integrated dance company.

I was invited to create a duet with Danny Aherne performed in Éigse Michael Hartnett poetry and arts fest. The piece was devised and choreographed by Mary Hartney of Spoken Dance. A dance film was then created as part of a residency in Dance Limerick in Nov 2014.

Ponderosa 2014

I was lucky to spend time here and be part of many great moments, including some enjoyable performances.

  • The Blanket Dance : 


  • Dani & Micheál exchange gifts dance :

with Dani Brown:  Click here to view photos of the performance on Tom O’Doherty’s Flickr account

  • Club Tropicana :

with The Fake Dance Company. Choreographed by Julia Gladstone and Yoav Admoni  (both of whom also danced) with the wonderful Yuli Kovbasnian, Mor Demer, and myself.


 Video trailer about Ponderosa

Other dances

  • Things that keep me alive  (2014)

in The Red Door Gallery and Dance Limerick. April 2014. Solo dance. Music by Paul Dunworth.


    • A walk through the town, a walk through time.  (2015)

    (A tour in collaboration with Mike Mac Domhnaill) Newcastle West, April 2015)

    Photos or video to follow!

    • You have 5 minutes  (2015)

    Collaboration with Lisa Cahill as part of “The Sum of Parts” performance with Limerick Dance Collective. May 2015

    Photos or video to follow!!

    • Rebirthing (2014)

    with Julia Gladstone as part of the Con|VERGE artist’s residency in Ponderosa 2014. BIRTHday celebrations, a family dinner, how-to-eat instructions, fancy head costumes, 2 microphones and plenty of fun.

    Photos or video to follow!!

    • You & Me  (2014)

    Con|VERGE artists residency Ponderosa 2014. I was lucky to be a group member of the Ponderosa edition of You & Me – Tara Rynder‘s (the highly gifted US dance artist and wonderful human being ) special dance project.

    It was an evening long performance after 2 weeks of collaboration. As part of my intimate 5 minute performances I invited people to visit my KISS-ing booth and share some tea, stories and draw something that they were grateful for. Meanwhile I chatted and drew a portrait of them.

    Click here for a video of You & Me Ponderosa created by Tara and her talented husband Tim Rynders.

    Under the bridge in Stolzenhagen ready for the dance.
    Some of the You and Me group under the bridge in Stolzenhagen ready for the dance.