An Easter Special


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 00.35.21
Victor Frankl… He seems to be a remarkable man with a remarkable story that we can all learn from. See below for more.


Happy Easter everyone.

I made a video to celebrate and mark and express and figure out a few things.


The song is by Backstreet Boys – “I want it that way”.

here are some notes to make sense of the video:

I wonder what my fire/love/passion is? What is yours? What brings your through the tough times? What causes you to rebel?

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts…I know it is for me. So I need to shift my focus and ask better questions like… what am I grateful for? what do I love?

I read a little of Victor Frankl’s work in this article… great stuff.
… a goal is important. Humour too.

many thanks for the backing track + lyrics …

Enjoy! (and sing and dance along)


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